Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Program

Tis the season to go to school Christmas programs and where will you find my sweet 3rd grade boy...on the sidelines snuggled up to grandma. I asked Mitch why he won't sing with his class and in a very serious voice he stated "I don't sing because I'm a Scorpio, Scorpio's only dance" and needless to say his grandma and myself couldn't stop laughing all through the program and then all the way home. This is only some of the funny things he says on a daily bases. When the classes were dissmissed all the families left through the other doors, we heard him telling his teacher why he wouldn't sing and when we saw him he was dancing away down the halls. Next week he will sing but not dance, it changes from day to day, make that minute by minute.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

We had SNOW in Las Vegas

Snow in Vegas, UNHEARD OF!!! Now every so often we get flurries but nothing the kids can ever play in but yesterday Dec, 17 2008 we had snow for a couple hours and when it stuck the kids made snowballs and walked around in it. I took lots of pictures and made a comfort food that reminds me of not soup, although if I had the stuff for soup I surely would have made it, we had homemade turkey was so warm and rich and unlike our bone chillin temperatures. Some of my kids were MIA and the ones that were around (my youngest 3) played and tried to catch snowflakes in their mouth. I had wished for snow and I got it. The only downfall is that Ub couldn't go to work and that is scary...that means our only check to Christmas shop with will have one day of work on it....This was such a fun day and one the kids will remember because the schools got closed for the day (today, Thursday Dec, 18th 2008) I know to some it's funny because we get 2 inches of snow but in this town that NEVER gets snow we aren't equipped for it. Las Vegas has 2 snow plows...LOL...and they are up in the mountains. It's been a fun day but very VERY cold. I don't even own a pair of pants...LOL...just Capri's...and I can't remember what a pair of socks feels like on my feet....wait do I own socks??? hmmmm must check that out. I am such a desert rat. Have a happy holidays everyone.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

1 of my Christmas cards

I belong to a monthly stamp club and the Stampin Up demonstrator made this card (she found it on the internet) I of course had to alter the card to make my own. She did hers on all white and being the layering person I am I had to add the Ridinghood Red and the Baja Breeze to make the layers. The snowflakes were stamped in Baja Breeze then I used Dazzling Diamonds to glitter them. The tree and bird were stamped in Basic Brown. I made 5 of these cards....I am, for the first time EVER sending out Christmas cards. I love getting them but I hated sitting down and writing them all out...LOL...I have more cards I am going to make, the stuff just hasn't come yet. Thanks for looking and have a Merry Christmas.