Saturday, July 31, 2010

Don't pass out but I have a page to share and more convention photos

Talk about good times!!!! I did 21 pages at a weekend back in March but I am slow in getting them loaded...LOL...SO 1 down 20 more to go...ha ha ha. My pictures may be out of order bare with me. We stopped at a gas station in Filmore Utah and there was the most amazing rainbow, being a past Rainbow Girl I had to get a photo of the rainbow, then we have the three of us taking pictures with some of the cute props at convention, and the last thing was one of our lunches we were treated to a chocolate fountain bar. I have never had this before and I LOVED IT!!! You name it they had it for you to dip, I tried my first chocolate covered cinnamon gummy bear. My dear friend Mary Lynn loved it, me not so much. I have more pictures of some of the swaps I was in while at convention and soon I will load those up too. Bye for now
By the way, if it looks like I am skipping letters or something isn't making sense my computer keys are sticking and it has been a great source of aggravation. I have to go back and check every word...ugggg

Halloween classes to be scheduled in Sept.

Brent Steel did this demo at convention and let me tell you in person it is spactacular!!! I wish the photos I took of it could do it justice but this will hve to do for now.
Anyone who knows me knows that I love to decorate for Halloween. I have a sofa table that this will look fabulous on. So onto the classes
The first class I will offer will be mid September and will feature the wayyyy cute spooky house. It is glittery and lit up and adorable and the added touch is the bats flying out of the chimney. Just wait until you see it. I will have more details on the class, complete with times, cost and what you will need to bring. If you think you migh be interested please leave me a comment and e-mail me at I can even send out kits if you want one.
The next class will be those adorable pumpkins. All supplies will be at my house except any adhesive. Be on the look out for some super fun classes coming yoour way
Remember to post a comment if this may be something you will be interested in.
Have a good day

We are back from convention

I had the time of my life and have many photos to share. Here are just a few of the make n takes we got to do during one of our classes. The one with the heart was probably my least favorite and that's just because of the colors they used for it. I like the simple design of it. The green pouch with the brown striped ribbon would be really cute made into a Halloween treat with candy on the inside. I have a whole calendar planned with I learned from convention. I am so excited t get my business back on it's feet.
Have a great day,

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I will be MIA for just one more week...

In 2 short days I will be on my way to Salt Lake City to a Stampin Up convention and can I tell ya I am EXCITED...I can't sleep, I have butterflies. I am THAT excited. I can't wait to go and be creative. I have for the last 2 weeks been making over 100 swaps for convention therefore scrapbooking and any other crafty, coupony kind of things have been put on a back burner.

Be on the lookout for the last week in July as I will have plenty to show you and I will start getting a class schedule up for anyone who is interested in coming or getting kits. I will also get the new catalog uploaded and have my demo website back up and running with some online ordering specials. There will be alot of new and fun things coming for this next year and I am excited about getting my blog and business back up and running.

Oh and the new mini which won't go live until Sept 1 is "TO DIE FOR" cute!!!! There is all kinds of fun new things great for scrapbookers and card makers. Can't wait to show all of you. See you on the 26th with tons of changes to my blog...