Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Note to all parents of high school kids

What not to wear to school!!!

I guess these shirts are a no no. I know all about juggalos (I don't have a clue how to spell it...lol) and I know that as a parent
I hate the music that ICP sings but I will not dictate what they can and cannot listen to because I know from my own experience it will only make them more drawn to it. (I was a rebellious kid that way. My dad said no I did it anyway and was sneaky about it. I know I don't want my kids sneaking). Anywho, I bought these shirts for the boys and even though I don't like them myself I know they LOVE the way the shirts look. Now I know we do not want our kids associated with any gang related anything but I have raised 2 very smart young men and they have had to witness certain things in our own house that has been an eye opener to them as far as drugs and gangs go BUT having said that I was a little shocked they couldn't wear these shirts with this band to school. They said it prompts gang activity, what a crock!!! If kids are going to join a gang it won't be because they wore these shirts but because the parents don't have better control and I put myself in that category as well, with one of my older sons, he taught me that if a teenagers mouth is open what is coming out of it is generally a lie. (quote from Judge Judy...lol...but so true)

I respect the school rules and my kids will respect the rules as well and I even understand how much apart of our society gangs are, but I have a hand in everything these two do and where they are and I feel confident that I have done my parenting job well and when we got these shirts they were in no way intended it to be any association with the juggalos. Lesson learned in what isn't allowed in school. I will still buy these t-shirts but now they are to be worn at home only.

Monday, August 30, 2010

SENIORS rule!!!

I have another SENIOR this year oh my... Jared was so ready for this day to begin. He walked around all day yesterday bored and ready for school to start. He actually smiled in my picture this day. His shoes were a fight but in the end I lost Jared won. It's not that I don't love Etnies it's just that they are so colorfully ugly...hee hee hee. I have actually made up to them and he is quite proud of his shoes. I had to get pictures of the shoes again just to show how their tastes change from year to year. This should be a fun and exciting year for Jared and we look forward to a graduation at the end of this year.

S-O-P-H-O-M-O-R-E-S yes!

It's hard to believe my curly( his hair before hair cuts was so curly BUT for ROTC he has to have short hair) is in high school let alone a sophomore. He is posing with Jared in this picture (which means for Jareds post you will see 2 of these same pics) He is a ladies man this boy. He has more girls calling then I can keep up with. Today was exciting because it's the first day of school but Jeremy had an extra spring in his step cause he was going to meet up with Diana a girl he liked when he was in middle school and now they will be at the same school together. He can stop growing now too. He is getting so tall and as broad as some of his older brothers. I hope this year will be a fun one for him. He wants to join the bowling team and I can't wait. Hopefully he will do something in the spring too. Next year it will be football but this year he missed out. They all have their own sense of style and it cracks me up but one thing they both like is ICP (don't groan as loud as I did) I can't stand the group either but hey it's what in and they truly don't listen as much as they would like other to believe they do...lol...cats outta the bag now huh...have a great day.

I forgot to add his shoes as he pointed out so the shoe pic is an add on...lol... just for you Jeremy.

5th Grade!!! Where did time go...

I can't believe the day has come and I get my computer to myself again...lol...we had a great summer this year and I am sad to see my kids go back to school but alas it had to happen right. Progress my mom says even though I wish progress would slow way down or I would have another baby...lol....my mother would die if she read that, huh Sherron. Have no fear I have no plans on having more kids although this is the time of year I develop baby fever.

So on with back to school. Mitch started 5th grade this year. My baby's last year of elementary school and it isn't sitting well with me...lol..as I tear up typing this. I think he looks so cute even in his terrible uniform but that is another story you don't want my 2cents on...SOOOOO not HAPPPPPY!!!

Mitch got his rolling backpack and some cool shoes and of course he had his brand new lunch box I bought from www.easylunchboxes.com (there is a video on the site that Mitch has memorized...LOL) he was so taken with this lunch system and I have vowed to go a bit green this year and here in this little lunch box is where I begin.

Hope everyone is having a great first day of school, I know I am. I can finally have my computer back...lol and post on my blog.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

CVS...big time SCORE....

This may not be a big purchase but I saved BIG (this would be my first time, I think, just paying tax)

I had $6.00 in ECB's from the week before and I like to use them the next week in case I forget about them and they expire on me. It's free money ya know!!!

The Schick hydro razor was $8.97 w/ $4.00 back in ECB's
I used (1) $5.00 coupon ( I had just got it in the mail from Coupondede.com)

The Xtra laundry soap was on sale for $1.99 and everyone says how good it is and smells. It smells good that's for sure

My total before coupons $11.89
-$5.00 razor coupon
-$6.00 ECB's
I paid a grand total of .89cents

I walked out of CVS with the biggest smile on my face knowing I had finally paid tax only. Now I want more...lol

Walgreens Not as good as my Target run but still good

I have this love/hate going on with Walgreens. I think I need to shop there more to get a better feel for it. CVS is where I do more of my shopping but when I do get into Walgreens I usually do pretty good on RR and deals.

I bought in transaction #1
1 Dial body wash $3.99 w/ $3.00 RR back
used (1) $1.00 mq
paid $3.30 oop

Transaction #2

I had to have toilet paper and I didn't have a coupon but knew that they had TP was on sale for $4.00, not to bad in my book(I'm sure extreme couponers can get it free but I don't know how yet)

2 bic pen bags .79 cents each w/ in ad coupon
used (1) $1/2 coupon
paid .58 cents for both pen pkgs

2 Right Guards 3-D sport $2.99
used a BOGO coupon (the cashier took off $4.49 instead of $2.99)
I paid $1.49 for 2 which is .75 cents each

3 Gillette body washes 3/$10
I used (3) $2.00 coupons
make it 3/$4

4 penway 2 pocket folder .09cents
filler items paid .36 cents

TOTAL $32.37
saved $23.16

total out of pocket- $9.21 ( I used my earlier $3 RR to get it to this total)

I love coupon shopping. It is so much fun to save money on things you actually need and use.

Target, great deals today!

Target was such a good shopping day. Let me tell you a secret, if there is a $1.00 off coupon on any item and there is no size restriction you can use that coupon to buy the travel size.

I got 15 travel tides for free. I had 15 $1.00 off coupons and I used all 15. I get 15 loads of laundry for FREE.

The Green Works detergent was $9.99

I used (1) $3.00 target coupon and (1) $3.00 manufacturer coupon.
I got a 90 oz detergent for $3.99, it smells good too!

I got another bag of Wonka candy $3.49
used (1) $1.00 target printable
used (1) $1.50 man coupon
I paid .99cents

2 Bagel Bites $2.49 each
I used (2) $1.00 Target printable
and (2) $1.00 mq's
I paid .98cents for 2

Also Target brand Advil was .97cent as opposed to actual Advil that was over $3.00

My total was $35.80
I saved $27.50
OOP was $8.30

I think I ticked off a few people behind me in line when I whipped out my 15 coupons for Tide among other coupons but hey with a savings of almost $30.00 they can get mad all they want and I walk out with lots of stuff for very little money.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A little couponing I did this weekend

I am such an extremist in my personality, I have learned to embrace myself and live with it...LOL....can't say my hubby or the kids know how to deal with me but hey they will someday learn that you can't fight a Gemini and my addictions...lol. So onto this weeks addiction. I found a coupon site that I had to order from called Buy Grocery Coupons I got the package of 40 inserts, 10 P&G (love that one) 10 red plum #1, 10 red plum #2 and 10 Smart Source. Now you may think this sounds extreme but on all the couponing sites I go to they say you should buy 1 newspaper for everyone that lives in your house. Well at $3.00 a pop who could afford that, for 40 coupon inserts it only cost $16.00 and I have already used so many coupons from those inserts and saved more then what it cost to buy them....You can order in whatever quantities you like but for me the big package was what I needed to start building my stockpile.

I went to Target early on Saturday morning armed with my coupons and here is what I scored.

4 bags of Snyder (1 pounder) $2.59 per bag
used (4) $1.00 Target printables
used (4) $1.00 coupons from SS
paid- .59cents a bag

4 kid cuisine $1.75(on price cut)
used (4) $1.00 target printables
used (2) $1/2 coupon from All You magazine
Paid- $1.00 for all four

4 Chef Boyardee .99cents each
used (4) $1.00 Target printables

2 Wonka bars $2.29 & 1 Wonka bag of candy $2.59
used (4) $1.00 target printables
used $1.50 off one bag of Wonka candy
used (2) $1.00 Internet coupon
Wonka bagged candy I paid .09cents
Wonka bars I paid .29 cents each

4 Bic pen (7 count) .99 cents
used (2) $1/2
I paid $2.00 (not as good as I had heard but better then full price)

4 papermate pens 10 count .99cents
used (4) .50 cents target printable
Paid .49 a bag

4 Sobe Lifewaters $1.00
used (2) $1.00 target printable
used (2) BOGO Internet printable
4 FREE sobe's

I spent $8.46 on all of this and saved $34.16. Not to bad after taking a coupon of months off from couponing.

Have a great week and my next post will be something crafty.