Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Note to all parents of high school kids

What not to wear to school!!!

I guess these shirts are a no no. I know all about juggalos (I don't have a clue how to spell it...lol) and I know that as a parent
I hate the music that ICP sings but I will not dictate what they can and cannot listen to because I know from my own experience it will only make them more drawn to it. (I was a rebellious kid that way. My dad said no I did it anyway and was sneaky about it. I know I don't want my kids sneaking). Anywho, I bought these shirts for the boys and even though I don't like them myself I know they LOVE the way the shirts look. Now I know we do not want our kids associated with any gang related anything but I have raised 2 very smart young men and they have had to witness certain things in our own house that has been an eye opener to them as far as drugs and gangs go BUT having said that I was a little shocked they couldn't wear these shirts with this band to school. They said it prompts gang activity, what a crock!!! If kids are going to join a gang it won't be because they wore these shirts but because the parents don't have better control and I put myself in that category as well, with one of my older sons, he taught me that if a teenagers mouth is open what is coming out of it is generally a lie. (quote from Judge Judy...lol...but so true)

I respect the school rules and my kids will respect the rules as well and I even understand how much apart of our society gangs are, but I have a hand in everything these two do and where they are and I feel confident that I have done my parenting job well and when we got these shirts they were in no way intended it to be any association with the juggalos. Lesson learned in what isn't allowed in school. I will still buy these t-shirts but now they are to be worn at home only.


JadeCook said...

If they can tell you what shirts they can and cannot wear then they should wear uniforms. if they are going to be that picky! I think that is why a lot of schools are doing school uniforms. Wearing a T-shirt will not make them join a gang! I could see if it had a curse word in it. I think me and some teachers might bump heads when DS starts school b/c I have my mothers attitude and stubbornness lol

senora_x said...

I teach at a high school and as long as the shirt didn't have profanity or vulgarity on it then it is acceptable where I teach! Kids need to have some freedom of expression!

Nati Tristan said...

Schools are getting so hard on kids now a days.. which is good but at the same time bd because like you said some of them will take and rebell against them. Your kids didn't harm anyone therefore don't worry about.. it's hard sometimes i bet.

Megan Ann said...
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