Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jillian and I have read all 4 books in the twilight series and are counting down the days until Twilight hits the movie theaters. We are seeing the midnight opening with a couple friends and I can't wait. Marci at scrapbook.com had this quiz on her blog to see which character I am and I am level headed Bella....LOL.....I am anything but level headed...LOL...ok so maybe in my old age I am more mellow then I used to be. Anyway I just thought any of you Twilight fans might like this little quiz as we all wait for the release of the movie....

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I just had to show you one more thing

I LOVED this cute idea. Inside those cute little Frankies are those yummy huge Hershey bars. Is that the cutest idea EVER. I'm sure if you have kids and want to scale this down you can make it to fit the regular Hershey bars. I have a studly little 13 year old (LOL) that wants to make this for his girlfriend and I thought it would be a fun gift to give teachers but for friends or your kids class the regular bars would be perfect. Also if you are having a Halloween party wouldn't this be an adorable prize. The lady who came up with this idea has a blog with TONS of super cute ideas and I have the link just for you.

I want to make sure that Dawn (who made this cute Frankie) gets the credit. Please check out her blog, she has a great video of how she made it with measurements, if you are interested.


The products she used on this was:

Old Olive cardstock

Lovely Lilac

1 3/8 circle punch

arrow punch

1 inch circle punch

If you are interested in any of these products click on my Stampin Up book on the left and it will take you to my website where you can shop till your hearts content.

Thanks everyone


My Favorite blogger ever..

I haven't been around many blogs yet but I am learning. If you want a blog that just makes you smile then I have one for you. Estee Lynn is just incredible, I found her on mosh-posh.com, a scrapbooking kit club that I love. I checked out her blog and I have been hooked. You can just feel the love she has for her family and she gives out the most awesome recipes I have ever tasted. You can find her here . I love her sense of humor and of course her scrapbooking pages but her recipes have been wonderful.

I just made this one
Easy Cheesy Chicken Enchilada

and this one
Zucchini Bread
They were so delicious. The chessy chicken enchiladas were my WHOLE families favorite and I have 10 to feed. Everyone of the kids ate it and loved it.

The Zucchini bread was a hit and was gone before the day ended and so I just bought more zucchini to make more. Poor Ub (my hubby) never even got a bit. The next thing I plan on making is her Lemon cupcakes. They look wonderful. I'll let you know.

See you all next time.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I am trying something out

I am a Stampin Up demonstrator and we now have online ordering. Having 7 kids, makes life hard to get out of my house to go to work so I signed up so long ago but never turned it into a business until last November. So far I have had really good luck and now Stampin Up has online ordering which makes it great if you are in between my classes and want to place an order, or you see one of my stamping project and want to order any of what I used. Anyway they are offering a video of a new product that I love for Halloween and I want to see if the link is successful and works. If not I may just try linking my Stampin Up website. Here it goes, click this link to see how easy it is to make this cute card for Halloween.


This set is so fun and this months club I am using it on a page so stay tuned for my page and card. Thanks for looking and I hope you keep me in mind if you are ever in need of stamps or scrapbooking supplies. You would really be helping me and my business out.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

My hero

Why did I ever put up this topic when it was a hard one...LOL...I guess my hero would have to be my parents. I know that it isn't just one but together they were amazing and individual they were incredible. They both taught my sister and I so much, to bad we were way to smart back then and knew EVERYTHING.....I probably more then my sister. My dad had to put up with ALOT. I am a Gemini, and so true to my sign (Sherron quit smiling and shaking your head yes) and let just say that I never learned to hold anything back. He was old fashioned in all of his beliefs and was such a hard worker. He supported us in all of our endeavors. He was the disciplinarian and mom was by far more lenient. He kept us in line and mom showed us that to make a mistake was ok. My mother is my rock. I barely always ask her opinion and value what she has to say. I don't always agree and let her know when I don't but I do take her opinion into consideration when I make my desicion. My parents let my hubby and I move with them almost 17 years ago. That couldn't have been an easy choice as we had 3 kids and a 5 day old baby, but they did and even though sometimes things are hectic my family love the arrangment. It worked out great for my mom. A year after we moved in my dad passed away and if we hadn't been here I'm not sure where she would be. My mom is legally blind and has very limited vision, she never complains or ever use it as any excuse. I hope that if I loose anything as important, like my site, I will have the same attitude as she does. I know she wishes she could still drive and work but again never a complaint ever leaves that ladies mouth. She is strong in personality and she has raised my sister and I to be strong women. Having them as parents, I would say that Sherron and I were very lucky. We were raised with great values and standards. We turned out to be respectable and fun loving women. I would say I pushed the limits with my dad more then Sherron but he dealt with me without ever laying a hand on me....My mom spanked and yet I didn't fear her punishment, my dad took things away and yelled and that terrified me....LOL...go figure...as a kid I figured spank me and get it over with but please do put me on restriction....LOL....course restricting me was like a life sentence to my parents....hee hee hee. I wasn't an easy restrictee....Sherron was more mellow and still is, so I think life was easier for her (sher correct me if I'm wrong) you learned fast and I had to push the envelope ALWAYS....but regardless we always knew they both loved us and know matter what we knew they were there for us. They are and will forever be my heros.

I got a page done

I can't believe I actually sat and scrapped a page. Miracles never cease to happen over here...LOL.....For any of you that know me I am the worlds worst procrastinator and therefore put off scraping forever...and to top it off I used recent pictures....be still my heart.
This is my little guy Mitchell, my title is so true to Mitch. He is his own guy and marches to the beat of his own drum. To be young and not worry what others think of us.....I'm sure I was there once upon a time. He got these cool glasses at school and he was very proud of them. He has many autistic attributes but there are other things he does that are so darn funny. I really need to start documenting these for him. The lady at Child Find that diagnosed him with autism said he did have an imagination and was monotone. She couldn't be more wrong. His imagination is HUGE just like his personality.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Here is my list of 10 things I can't live without.
Besides the obvious-hubby, kids, and family

1. Diet Dr. Pepper
2. electricity- been there done that, never want to do it again
3. my DVR
4. reality show
5. scrapbooking
6. my dishwasher
7. books- I love to read
8. rubber stamps- I have this new stamping addiction
9. scrapbooking kits- mosh-posh, scrapdango, sweetpeascraps...LOVE THEM
10. Halloween

I'm back....

This is my younger sister who on the day this picture was taken happened to turn 40...wow Sherron we are getting up there in age, aren't we....LOL....it seems like yesterday I was bossing you around....ok so maybe somethings will never change...hee hee hee.

On the top are pictures of Sherron with our mother and Steeler the dog and also a pic with my oldest son Josh. I love our family swim parties and the food and the swimming and just getting together.
As I sit here thinking of that day I will not, Repeat NOT say I am longing for summer because living in Las Vegas that would be absured to long for. especially since for the first time since March we have cooled down. But I do love swimming and so wish we had a pool. Thats whats great about family having a pool.

I am on a roll...

Besides the cute girl in the photo...LOL....check out that major turkey leg. I don't think I have ever seen anything so big in my life....and she said it was really good. She and her friends went to the Renessance fair this last weekend and they dress in costume and she (Jillian) has some other pics of them all dressed up but once she loads them I will add them to my blog. They are so cute. I can't wiat to get a page with those turkey legs in them...

See what did I tell you

In the post below the itty bitty page is page 1 and I went straight from my gallery at scrapbook.com and the 2nd page I had scanned on my scanner and the only thing that survived when my computer crashed....thus it's bigger.

I am so late...

I am such a slow scrapper but I am an even worse blogger. I really wanted to get some of my Stampin Up pages and cards on this blog but I am so not sure if my blogging abilities will allow me to do that. As slow as my scrapping is my skills at this blogging world are so much worse....LOL...I will try to do a better job. I am also slacking in getting my kids pics taken and recorded.

I don't even think my family knows I have a blog....The shame....time to get them to look at my blog...So now I am rambling....ugggg

Totally unsure how this entry will turn out. forgive my lack of blogging skills I am still refining them...LOL

My Son Finally did it!!!!

He finally got his license and I couldn't be prouder. I was such an ordeal to get it. He had to take the test 3 times. The first was due to inexperience but the 2nd time he got some whacked out women that gave us some wrong info and she failed him. Trust me if I had had the book with me I would have opened it up and showed that Josh was in the right. We switched DMV's and BAM he is a licensed driver and now he can start running the kids to school....YAY....

Josh will be 20 soon but in this day and age who can afford insurance on a teen. We sure couldn't. I have 3 more that are chomping at the bit to get theirs next.....Look out world there are soon to be more of my kids on the highways...