Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Favorite blogger ever..

I haven't been around many blogs yet but I am learning. If you want a blog that just makes you smile then I have one for you. Estee Lynn is just incredible, I found her on mosh-posh.com, a scrapbooking kit club that I love. I checked out her blog and I have been hooked. You can just feel the love she has for her family and she gives out the most awesome recipes I have ever tasted. You can find her here . I love her sense of humor and of course her scrapbooking pages but her recipes have been wonderful.

I just made this one
Easy Cheesy Chicken Enchilada

and this one
Zucchini Bread
They were so delicious. The chessy chicken enchiladas were my WHOLE families favorite and I have 10 to feed. Everyone of the kids ate it and loved it.

The Zucchini bread was a hit and was gone before the day ended and so I just bought more zucchini to make more. Poor Ub (my hubby) never even got a bit. The next thing I plan on making is her Lemon cupcakes. They look wonderful. I'll let you know.

See you all next time.

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Estee said...

Oh.my.gosh!!! I am blushing over here!!! You are so sweet, so very kind!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!