Friday, March 11, 2011

It's official, it's broken...

Well Steven officially broke his foot while at Laser Quest last Friday night. He is in a non weight baring cast for 6 weeks to 3 months. The bone he broke should really have a pin in it but the will try it casted first for 4 weeks and see if it will heal ok, if not we (or he, Steven) will be off to surgery to get a pin in the side of his foot. He's a trooper but the crutches are his biggest pain. They just are tall enough for his 6'3" frame. Poor guy.

Laser Quest fun...except for one

Jeremy picked this year where his and Jared's b-day was going to be and he picked Laser Quest. Jared turned 18 and Jeremy turned 16. What a fun place that is, very noisy but so much fun. Great place to hold a b-day party for a bunch of teens. Poor Steven was our only casualty, on the first round he hurt his foot and couldn't walk on it much so for the next round he had to sit it out. No fun for him but he did get a gift certificate for 2 free rounds when he can go again.

The last few pages done so far

I also decided make a goal for how many pages I wanted to get done in 2011. The goal I set was 211 pages in 2011(I took out the 0, brilliant idea I know...ha ha ha)

17/211 pages done so far...194 to

and a few more....pages

I have also been using up some pages I have had from Stamp club and some kits I have purchased. The kids have loved looking through their books and the books are getting so full.

I have been going to crops and actually have pages to share...

I have been keeping with my resolution of making it to at least one crop a month and now I have many pages to share. I haven't scrapped this much in a long time and it's been wonderful. I love all my scrapbooking buddies.