Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I have done more pages

and it didn't snow....LOL....I take way to long on one page and way over analyze pages but I am trying to be better about NOT doing this and just having fun with this hobby. I have forgotten how fun it is and how every page doesn't have to be ready for publication, which I haven't been published EVER....I have won contests but I haven't ever wanted to publish anything. Maybe it's laziness or just that I don't care. Oh well my blog and my scrapbooking site I love is all the publishing I need. If you ever want to see my gallery here is the link to see other pages I have done...SB.com I have been on Scrapbook. com for years and I post everything I have ever done there.

The top 4 pages were done at a class I went to from Close to My Heart and were workshops on the go and we got to do 3 double page spreads but one of my layouts is missing because I had to pick up a kiddo from school. It was a great class. The bottom page was done using Stampin Up products and my friend was making this into a card and I happened to say it would make a cute summer page with those colors and the next thing I know we were making a page. I LOVE this craft. Well I will stop my rambling for now and thanks for the love and stopping by.

Maria, my friend, link me your blog because I can't get to it by clicking your name. I can't believe I don't have it saved...uggg.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Last post for now

Well this is the last of the scrapbooking marathon I was on, actually it's not but the last of my pages need some last minute fixing but then I will be totally done with all I have created. This is for Jared's book and it was our trip we took to Reno back in 2005, when we took Jillian to see her boyfriend Alex who spends the summer with his dad there. We had gone to see a movie and when we left the theater there were these fountains and it was a hot day for Reno so the kids had a blast running through these fountains. What a fun way to kill a couple of hours and a great opp for me to get some fun pictures of times when they aren't fighting and are getting along...LOL...believe me those time are very rare.

More pages still...LOL

My dear friend miss Jennifer Wellborn if you can help figure out how I can get my pages to go side by side I would love your helpful tips...LOL....This is Zachary at the same snow trip you have seen over and over. It is sooooo rare to get this kid to smile for a picture that the big pic on page 1 is one I plan on printing and blowing up to put on my picture wall. I am not sure why my boys are so against smiling but it is really aggravating. We had such a fun time on this trip and I really want to do it again. With Ub's schedule it's so hard to do much as a family but I am just thankful he is blessed to have a job. One day we will get back to the snow and when we do I hope that ALL our kids are with us. We went on this trip on Feb 2007 and 2 of our kiddos were in the hospital and didn't get to go.

Told you I was on a roll

This is my Aunt and her kids and grand kids. My sister and I was raised in the same house with my Aunt and her four kids and so she is more like my second mother and they were more like my brother and sisters. One of her kids moved to Colorado and so pictures of all of them together are hard to come by. I haven't done pages of my extended family and I realize that I need to for my kids books so beware all of these pictures will be seen again 7 times over so that each kid will have some family picture in each of their books.

Here is another page

Here is my Thursday scrapbooking group. We have been meeting on Thursdays for years and we never take any pictures of us. My good friend Mary Lynn got us altogether and my daughter Jillian took the picture. Wish I looked as good as all of them. I think they knew about the picture where I didn't have a clue....LOL....thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

WOW, it's been so long since I posted

I have been shrinking in my scrapbooking duties for awhile and I think I got some of my mojo back but we'll see. I am one of those typical Geminis that kind of go through various stages of things. Like say reading, when I am in the mood to read I will whip out 2 to 3 books a week and I will read nonstop and then I won't pick up a book at all for awhile. Well the same can be said for my scrapbooking obsession. So as you can see I am on a scrapbooking kick...LOL

This cute guy is my son Jeremy and we got a chance to go with friends from our church on a snow trip. Most of my kids haven't gotten to sled or anything EVER but when you live in the desert you don't get a lot of opportunities for sledding and snowball fights.