Sunday, June 29, 2008

One of those favorite sports I love

I have a confession, I hated baseball and softball...that is until my DD decided at age 9 she wanted to play softball. There went all my hope and dreams of her being a ballerina...LOL....ballerina she is not.....she was so suited for this sport. She is a utility player and yes I am bragging again. She has been a catcher for many years but last season her high school need a pitcher and she stepped up. She has NEVER pitched in her life but has caught fro many pitchers. Her coaches were confindent and she has a great arm. She was shakey for the first few games and was by far more comfortable behind the plate then in front but like the trooper she is she continued at it and became really fast and good. Here is one of her last pics of the season that ended in a few strike outs. We are proud of her.

25 of my favorite things...

This was a topic on a blog challenge I entered on This should be pretty easy, besides the obvious, family and faith.

1. sleeping in
2. brand new scrap magazines
3. when my house is totally quiet in the mornings and I can play around on the computer
4. strawberries and cream frappacino from Starbucks
5. shopping for scrapbooking supplies.
6. Stampin Up products
7. cutting my new stamp sets up while watching TV or listening to my fav songs
8. Natsha Bedingfield-Pocketful of Sunshine song
9. 4th of July
10. Halloween
11. the smell of Gain detergent and Simple Pleasurers Ultra Downy fabric softner Lavender/Vanilla...I LOVE THIS COMBO!!
12. my Americana room
13. pound cake topped with fresh strawberries
14. my stamp club-one that I am a member of not the one where I am the demo...LOL....I love the one where the work is done for me
15. my scrapbooking kit clubs
16. my DIET DR. PEPPER- can't live without it
17. sundays when my hubby is off and we can hang out as a family or just do odd jobs around the house
18. camping
19. the ocean-wish I lived closer to one
20. buying girl clothes with my one and only girl
21. watching sports where my kids are playing in them
22. ALL reality TV shows- I am a reality junkie and I hope it never ends
23. reading
24. newly planted plants
25. freshly made beds-not that I get to have one anymore with hubby working nights he sleeps in the day.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Need photos!!!

I almost forgot the man in my life that has given me the ability to stay home and raise our kids and be at the school when Mitch runs away because he has a sub and he can't take change or walks around my scrapbooking and stamping things like they aren't even there....LOL...we have a path and its my stuff...we are working on organization....Anyway, he is the man I met in 1984 and stated I was going to marry. I did too, in April of 1986. We have many ups and downs but we stand strong and I love him and how hard he works for me and the kids. He is a role model for our boys.He only this year has missed boy scouting events but only because his job requires 6 10 hour days with no vacation yet. I love this man!!!
I stated in my profile that I had 7 kids and I think to make my blog look fuller, I should take this time to introduce you to my clan. I am proud of each of them in their own special ways. I have 6 boys and only one girl but don't feel to bad for her she can certainly hold her own....LOL....all those boys have taught her how, REALLY really well...The first of the pack is Josh, he's 19 and love music and I have to admit he is very talented. He opened with his band at the Hard Rock about a year ago and plays at different gigs around town.

I had to throw this photo in because the next photo of where it should be just Steven I found that Josh had snuck in....LOl

This is our 18 year old son Steven. Steven has had a long journey of fighting depression, coupled with bi-polar but I am proud to say that he has learned the only way to be happy in his world is to stick to the meds Doctors give him. I couldn't be more proud of him and his success with a complicated illness. A couple of years ago if Josh had goofed around like this picture Steven would have gone off the deep end. that is no longer an issue

This is our one and only daughter Jillian. She is 17 and just recently graduated from high school, a year early I might add. She is such a wonderful young woman and she is a breath of fresh air some days after dealing with all my boys issues.

This is Zachary. He is 16 and not very fond of my picture taking, especially when its of him. I actually like this photo of him. He does smile just not when I click the camera in his direction...BOYS....

Then there is Jared...he is 15 and has given me a run for my money. Would I change any of it....NEVER....I have to be a strong woman to help Jared through his disabilities. He is also bi-polar and was at one point very violent but with help we managed to get him under control as well. He did have to go into a hospital for 8 month but it was a blessing because we found out why he had so much anger. We also found out he is autistic as well. He is like my teddy bear.

This is Jeremy. He is 13 and the other curly haired kid I have. He is very social and we call him the Mayor of our street. There isn't anything he doesn't know, from who is moving out to who passed away, to who's dating want info, Jeremy is your kid...LOL

I couldn't resist this shot. This happens so few times that I had to post proof that they can get along...hee hee hee

This is my last little guy and his name is Mitchell. He's 9 and has the most unbelievable personality. he was diagnosed with autism a couple years ago and that was very hard for me to digest. He was my first of all the kids to be diagnosed with anything other then a learning disability.

I love them all with my heart, body and soul and having kids with some mental illnesses has made me learn so many things. First and fore most is patience... I had to learn I didn't have bad kids but kids that needed special meds and Doctors and the BEST ever therapist. we still have many ups and downs and slip ups but hey they are still kids and learning themselves.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know the important people in my life.

I finally did a challenge

Well after a very long time of lurking in the SCS challenges I thought it was time I ventured into actually doing one of these challenges.

So I took the plunge and did the color challenge. We were to use the colors:

Certainly Celery

Bashfull Blue

Chocolate Chip

I also used the new stamp set, Fresh Cuts and I have to say that even thought this stamp set is not my style, I really liked using it. I wasn't sure if we could use any other neutral colors so I stuck with just those colors.