Sunday, June 29, 2008

25 of my favorite things...

This was a topic on a blog challenge I entered on This should be pretty easy, besides the obvious, family and faith.

1. sleeping in
2. brand new scrap magazines
3. when my house is totally quiet in the mornings and I can play around on the computer
4. strawberries and cream frappacino from Starbucks
5. shopping for scrapbooking supplies.
6. Stampin Up products
7. cutting my new stamp sets up while watching TV or listening to my fav songs
8. Natsha Bedingfield-Pocketful of Sunshine song
9. 4th of July
10. Halloween
11. the smell of Gain detergent and Simple Pleasurers Ultra Downy fabric softner Lavender/Vanilla...I LOVE THIS COMBO!!
12. my Americana room
13. pound cake topped with fresh strawberries
14. my stamp club-one that I am a member of not the one where I am the demo...LOL....I love the one where the work is done for me
15. my scrapbooking kit clubs
16. my DIET DR. PEPPER- can't live without it
17. sundays when my hubby is off and we can hang out as a family or just do odd jobs around the house
18. camping
19. the ocean-wish I lived closer to one
20. buying girl clothes with my one and only girl
21. watching sports where my kids are playing in them
22. ALL reality TV shows- I am a reality junkie and I hope it never ends
23. reading
24. newly planted plants
25. freshly made beds-not that I get to have one anymore with hubby working nights he sleeps in the day.


Carmen O. said...

Great list I agree with 1,6 & 7.

Erika said...

I love your list! I did this challenge too, it was so hard to stick to 25 :o]