Friday, March 20, 2009

I have to just post this...

This is Mitchell he is ten and he was diagnoised with Autism when he was 6. It was a shock to all of us and I was in complete and total denial. My sweet baby boy couldn't possibly be autistic but as the IEP meeting wore on and his teacher produced a booklet he had kept on Mitch from the first day of meeting him, my eyes were opened wide. He kept this book he called "Mitchellisms" and this book wasn't to show me I was wrong it was to show me just how unique Mitch was compared with some of his other classmates. It explained his inability to cope with substitute teachers and why he would run and hide when he had one, or why he lined up his cars in a very straight line up, or make loud noises, or think he was an animal, as well as other things he would do that I couldn't figure out why. He is the sweetest most lovable little guy you will ever get to meet and this year he is coping well with change and social situations.
I logged onto Thecutestblogontheblock to change my blog background and this background was the first one up and of course I had to use it. I want to thank the people at thecutestblogontheblock for designing a background like this and the super cute all true blinkie I used in my sidebar. That blinkie is just so perfect for my son Mitch. He makes life so fun and very interesting. I will add I am blessed in the fact he is high functioning and not so severely autistic but I have friends with a son with severe autism and he too is such a sweetheart and to know that they will forever be one of Gods children, totally perfect in our Heavenly Fathers eyes and mine.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Scraplift page

I finally did a challenge on I am really good at signing up for them but not so good with actually getting them completed. It's kind of like my scrap supplies, I am an expert at collecting and hoarding but soooo not good at using any of the stuff I buy. Anyway this page was lifted from Dyluvs2scrap ( click on the link to see her page) I have been having a great time doing photo collages and did one for these four pictures. is where I got my collage from and it was free. My daughter Jillian and son Zachary turned 18 and 17 this year and it scares me how fast they are growing up. They can slow down anytime now. Thanks for looking.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

New page

I fianlly did a page for my hubby. I don't seem to do any pages for the two of us, my pages are mostly of our kids. This was a page kit that I was given at a crop I went to last week. I really liked it and how it turned out and can you believe it it isn't Stampin Up related. It's rare these days I do anything that isn't Stampin Up. I have to say that I mostly use their stuff because I totally hate matching up papers to cardstock and then having not match because my lighting was bad. With SU products there isn't the frustrating guess work. I believe this paper line is from Scenic Route paper company but I am not 100% sure. My hubby, who is serious most of the time can be a total goofball when it comes to getting his picture taken. So I turned his goofy pictures into a page for him. Thanks for looking and have a great day.