Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Everything is fixed

I am finally able to upload a page again and my computer is back and running better. I love kids that know about technology!!! If it wasn't for my 2 boys I would be here without a computer and I'm sure I would be going mad...LOL...I also got a page done and with the month or more that I have had lately it is truly amazing. I am still feeling scrappy and may actually produce more this week.

This is my oldest and youngest out of my 7 kiddos. This was taken when Josh (who is turning 21 in a few days) was in the 8th grade and was really into skateboarding and music and well Mitch he is and was into anything with wheels. I love finding pictures of days gone by. I miss my younger kids. Halloween this year was sad, birthdays are happy yet sad and I truly miss having young kids under foot. Can you have kids at 44 and not be looked at funny...LOL...I miss when anything and everything was exciting to them....awww well they grow up and I guess parents are never ready. Come on grand kids...hee hee hee