Saturday, January 24, 2009

I never scrap this much in one day let alone one week...LOL

This page I did for Scrap Whispers challenge for this weeks use your own handwriting. This was really hard for me because my handwriting is not the best. I do try to make sure that I write every so often so that my kids have a tangible piece of me in there books.
This is Mitchell this past Halloween. We went to a good friends house for a carving party and had a blast. The best thing about it is we did it outside and the mess wasn't as bad...LOL...Not to mention the kids got to carve with their friends and every got along so well.
Thanks for looking.

Another page...I'm on a roll

I don't usually get much time in for scrapbooking but I have been in such a mood to that today I did this page and one other one. I a true Gemini in every way because I am forever changing my mind about what size pages I want for my kids. So years ago I decided I would do both sizes for my kids. It satisfies my need for 12x12 and 8 1/2x11...I know I am weird but I love to work with both sizes when the mood hits me. I have decided that once a week I will send my kids into my scrapbook stash and pick one thing for me to use on a page. This week Jared pulled out these cute fishing 3-D stickers and I knew what pics I had to go with them. I think I will have the next child pull this week. That's one way to use up old stash without having to give it away. I figure, it may not be how I scrap now but I bought it once before and I must have thought it cute or I wouldn't have given it a second look. I should purge and donate but I love my old scrapbooking supplies to much....LOL...and now I'm lovin this page...
The paper is old DSP from Stampin Up
Cardstock is also Stampin Up, Dk brown is Bazzill
Fish stickers-Provo Craft (I think)
Inks- Stampin Up

Friday, January 23, 2009

Week 3 Scraptathlon

I came in 3rd place this week...We had to come up with a word that isn't something you can find in a dictionary...Mitchell one day told me to chillax when I was getting angry...LOL...then I called out to see what he was doing and he said " I'm just chillaxin mom" I know this isn't Mitch but the word, which is now an everyday word in our house, was perfect for this picture of Jeremy on a hot July afternoon. I actually tried my hand at sewing on my page and I have to say it was a great source of total aggravation. Josh must have ruined my sewing machine in his punk rock phase and it would work right....Thanks for looking.
Products- Circut title
papers and cardstock Stampin Up ( last years in colors and hostess simply scrappin kit)
twill and brads-Stampin Up as well.
I am so addicted to Stampin Up products and papers these days. I love their papers and the matching cardstock and inks. Not plugging them for myself but at least there is no guess work anymore for the perfect match.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Scraptathlon week #2 page

This was week 2 page I did. we had to scrap about a breakfast ritual. It didn't matter who's breakfast ritual just someones. I picked Mitchell's routine, he has waffles/french toast every day of his life except if I buy Cocoa Puff then he will switch. We are also not allowed to call it French Toast in our house or he won't eat it...LOL....he isn't spoiled it's just a characteristic of his. It comes with his autism so he's allowed to call it whatever he wants to. My good that I scrap with weekly he calls Willy Riggs. Her son is Willy but he won't call her Mrs. or sister Riggs ( we are in the same church and we go by Sister Riggs or Sister Ornelas..etc...) he calls out to her "Hey Willy Riggs". I just love him and his sweet sayings. Can ya tell he is my baby...LOL...
All products on this page are from Stampin Up.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I love scrapbooking and have been a scrapbooker for 12 years or so. I have in the last year lost that drive or mojo in the creative department. I joined a challenge at called scraptathlon, it runs for 10 weeks and we are on week 2 right now. Every Friday a new challenge is issued and on Tuesday a poll goes up for the members of to vote on. I would love for anyone who reads this blog to go over and vote on the pages. I will not solicit votes for myself but I would love to encourgae anyone to come and vote for the pages you really like. Here is the link, if you aren't a memeber of it only take a few mintues to get signed up. There are a buch of fun people there who share a creative bond. Scraptathlon poll I hope to see you there and if you love a good challenge the challenge forum there is so full of amazing challenges to push you to scrap. It's so much fun. Hope to see you there and remember to go vote...hee hee hee

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Scraptathlon week #1

This was my page for the first week of scraptathlon on I was voted 5 out of 28 pages turned in. I couldn't believe it. This is of my son Steven in 2001 shortly after 9/11. I am not the best at photography but I couldn't believe my pictures had turned out this good. the middle small picture I altered in picasa, it softens everything but the center. I think I may use this picture again and use it as my focal point on a different page one day. This challenge at scraptathlon runs for the next 10 weeks. This coming week we have to make a page out of our morning breakfast or lack of....I am looking forward to this challenge. If any of you have never been to you should come and join us over there, they have a whole forum devoted to challenges and I am addicted...LOL....I am addicted to everything scrapbooking. Thanks for looking and have a great day.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Snow trip page

Well I finally got a page done. Actually that would be 2 pages done this week but I am currently in a challenge at called Scraptathlon and one of the pages I did can't be uploaded until the voting is over on Friday. This page is of my oldest son Josh and our first trip with our church to the annual snow trip they do every year. I'm not sure why I have put off going every year but I won't put it off again. The kids rode on sleds and Josh got some snowboarding in. Anyway, everything I used is from Stampin Up. I am totally in love with this new paper and the snowflake flurries as well as their new in colors. Thanks for looking and have a great day.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Tag you're it!!!!

It's harder than it looks! Erase my answers, enter yours, sent it on to whoever you want including the one that sent this to you. Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real places, names and things...nothing made up! Try to use different answers if the person in front of you had the same 1st initial. You CAN NOT use your name for the boy/girl name question. Send it on to 3 other people for them to put in their blog. Tag you're it!

What's your name? Susan
Four 4 letter words? sick, sail, star, sign
Vehicle? Subaru
TV Show? Survivor
City? Seatle
Boy Name? Steven
Girl Name? Samantha
Occupation? Sales clerk
Something you wear? sandals
Food? soup
Something found in a bathroom? shampoo
Song title? Super freak
Sports team? STEELERS...are there really any others that matter...LOL

I am tagging
Lydia S

Friday, January 2, 2009


I know many of us make resolutions and then 2 week later they are all but forgotten but this year I truly want to make it. I am listing certain goals I think I can stick to and not break.

1. Pay my bills the week they come in and not get anymore late charges.
2. Start a savings account and add to it and forget about it....hard one for us
3. Take $25.00 every pay and buy a gift card for use next year for Christmas shopping. 1 month of cards at Wal Mart, 1 month at Target, 1 month at Toys R Us, 1 month at the local mall, and 1 month a Game Stop. (I never want to be in the situation I was in this year)

1. Start a family reading night (Monday nights)
2. Get my boys into sports
3. Monthly family card night (SCUM......YAY)love this game
4. Monthly family outing...movies, Mountains, picnic, bowling, dining out...
5. Sunday night weekly themed dinners (only night we are ALL home)
6. Bi weekly craft project or home improvement (build skills for the kids and myself)

1. Organize my millions of papers and STUFF
2. Get at least 3 pages a month done
3. 2 recipe pages a month
4. Get a nice box and organize my cards in it so I don't have to go looking for cards.
5. Blog twice a week
6. Join monthly challenges and DO THEM....super hard for me, I have hit a scrappers SLUMP

BODY GOAL (so not an easy one for me)
1. Start walking
2. Loose 5 pounds a month and if it doesn't happen don't give up
3. Keep a food journal
4. join Curves with Jillian (my daughter)

This is a big list but I know it's all doable. I hope everyone had a happy new year and that maybe we can all help each other stick to our resolutions.