Friday, January 2, 2009


I know many of us make resolutions and then 2 week later they are all but forgotten but this year I truly want to make it. I am listing certain goals I think I can stick to and not break.

1. Pay my bills the week they come in and not get anymore late charges.
2. Start a savings account and add to it and forget about it....hard one for us
3. Take $25.00 every pay and buy a gift card for use next year for Christmas shopping. 1 month of cards at Wal Mart, 1 month at Target, 1 month at Toys R Us, 1 month at the local mall, and 1 month a Game Stop. (I never want to be in the situation I was in this year)

1. Start a family reading night (Monday nights)
2. Get my boys into sports
3. Monthly family card night (SCUM......YAY)love this game
4. Monthly family outing...movies, Mountains, picnic, bowling, dining out...
5. Sunday night weekly themed dinners (only night we are ALL home)
6. Bi weekly craft project or home improvement (build skills for the kids and myself)

1. Organize my millions of papers and STUFF
2. Get at least 3 pages a month done
3. 2 recipe pages a month
4. Get a nice box and organize my cards in it so I don't have to go looking for cards.
5. Blog twice a week
6. Join monthly challenges and DO THEM....super hard for me, I have hit a scrappers SLUMP

BODY GOAL (so not an easy one for me)
1. Start walking
2. Loose 5 pounds a month and if it doesn't happen don't give up
3. Keep a food journal
4. join Curves with Jillian (my daughter)

This is a big list but I know it's all doable. I hope everyone had a happy new year and that maybe we can all help each other stick to our resolutions.


Lydia said...

I hope you can stick with it Sue. I have made some myself and its hard for me to do so as well. Maybe we can check in on each other and give each other a good kick in the ass when need it...hahahaha

Sarah said...

Awesome New Years' list, goodluck for the following year - I need to work on mine!

Mommy2Liam said...

These are fantastic resolutions! My mom and I really want to join curves as well!

Melissa said...

these are great I love the gift card idea I just might lose them though. the family ones are so cool too. I really hope you can do it all!

Karen Lee said...

Awesome goals!! Just be careful buying those gift cards with so many business going out of business!! Just a thought.

ScrapperK from

Kelly said...

I can tell you have put a lot of thought and planning into your 2009 resolutions- good luck with all of them!