Monday, August 8, 2011

Coupon Haul

I had taken a break from couponing for awhile but this week at Walgreens was just to good a week to let pass without trying to get the good deals. Now normally CVS is my store of choice but they are pretty boring this week as far as deals go. I did ALOT of transactions for everything I got here but I went early in the morning with my hubby(who helped me organize and sort my transactions)AND we went to the cosmetics line where most people(at least in my area) don't know you can check out.
So Ub and I started with ONE $10.00 roll of quarters and no other money except the change in my hubby's pocket(thank goodness he isn't like me, I hate change and give mine all away) Here we go in what I spent and let me say that my sister now works fro Walgreens and because she lives with us I get to use her employee discount card (Nice right!!!)

I started my shopping trip with a $2.00 RR (free money from Walgreens when you buy certain products) from the day before. Nivea body wash was on sale for $5.99 and I had a $2.00 coupon so I was out of pocket(OOP) $3.99 but got a $2.00RR back (RR's are like free money you can use on anything in the store)

So I can't find my receipts to give breakdowns BUT everything I got above(including the 8x10 photo) would have cost me $51.83 but because of the employee discount, Register Rewards, and my coupons my out of pocket was only (drum roll $10.58 That might be the best shopping trip I ever did and the really great thing about this is I got another $6.00 in RR's to use next week or on something else, like another proglide razor and all I will pay is tax.

Here is a great site for shopping at Walgreens I used her shopping transactions and threw in a few of my own to get all that I got. Happy shopping.