Thursday, March 19, 2009

Scraplift page

I finally did a challenge on I am really good at signing up for them but not so good with actually getting them completed. It's kind of like my scrap supplies, I am an expert at collecting and hoarding but soooo not good at using any of the stuff I buy. Anyway this page was lifted from Dyluvs2scrap ( click on the link to see her page) I have been having a great time doing photo collages and did one for these four pictures. is where I got my collage from and it was free. My daughter Jillian and son Zachary turned 18 and 17 this year and it scares me how fast they are growing up. They can slow down anytime now. Thanks for looking.


Lydia Siegel said...

Thanks so much Sue! You are so going to "ROCK" in his eyes :) We just started to save cans as of last year. We have only 4 13gallons bags. So we started on them today. Still have 2 bags to go. The boys wanted to start saving them again. We take them in to a recycling center and what ever money they get we split in between the boys. So this is an extra thing they do for money. Well besides clean. I'll send you my addy on sbc. Thanks again and I hope you and your family are doing good.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful layout. Love the position of the pictures and the color combo you used are great.