Sunday, June 29, 2008

One of those favorite sports I love

I have a confession, I hated baseball and softball...that is until my DD decided at age 9 she wanted to play softball. There went all my hope and dreams of her being a ballerina...LOL....ballerina she is not.....she was so suited for this sport. She is a utility player and yes I am bragging again. She has been a catcher for many years but last season her high school need a pitcher and she stepped up. She has NEVER pitched in her life but has caught fro many pitchers. Her coaches were confindent and she has a great arm. She was shakey for the first few games and was by far more comfortable behind the plate then in front but like the trooper she is she continued at it and became really fast and good. Here is one of her last pics of the season that ended in a few strike outs. We are proud of her.

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