Thursday, May 7, 2009

More pages still...LOL

My dear friend miss Jennifer Wellborn if you can help figure out how I can get my pages to go side by side I would love your helpful tips...LOL....This is Zachary at the same snow trip you have seen over and over. It is sooooo rare to get this kid to smile for a picture that the big pic on page 1 is one I plan on printing and blowing up to put on my picture wall. I am not sure why my boys are so against smiling but it is really aggravating. We had such a fun time on this trip and I really want to do it again. With Ub's schedule it's so hard to do much as a family but I am just thankful he is blessed to have a job. One day we will get back to the snow and when we do I hope that ALL our kids are with us. We went on this trip on Feb 2007 and 2 of our kiddos were in the hospital and didn't get to go.

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