Thursday, October 16, 2008

My hero

Why did I ever put up this topic when it was a hard one...LOL...I guess my hero would have to be my parents. I know that it isn't just one but together they were amazing and individual they were incredible. They both taught my sister and I so much, to bad we were way to smart back then and knew EVERYTHING.....I probably more then my sister. My dad had to put up with ALOT. I am a Gemini, and so true to my sign (Sherron quit smiling and shaking your head yes) and let just say that I never learned to hold anything back. He was old fashioned in all of his beliefs and was such a hard worker. He supported us in all of our endeavors. He was the disciplinarian and mom was by far more lenient. He kept us in line and mom showed us that to make a mistake was ok. My mother is my rock. I barely always ask her opinion and value what she has to say. I don't always agree and let her know when I don't but I do take her opinion into consideration when I make my desicion. My parents let my hubby and I move with them almost 17 years ago. That couldn't have been an easy choice as we had 3 kids and a 5 day old baby, but they did and even though sometimes things are hectic my family love the arrangment. It worked out great for my mom. A year after we moved in my dad passed away and if we hadn't been here I'm not sure where she would be. My mom is legally blind and has very limited vision, she never complains or ever use it as any excuse. I hope that if I loose anything as important, like my site, I will have the same attitude as she does. I know she wishes she could still drive and work but again never a complaint ever leaves that ladies mouth. She is strong in personality and she has raised my sister and I to be strong women. Having them as parents, I would say that Sherron and I were very lucky. We were raised with great values and standards. We turned out to be respectable and fun loving women. I would say I pushed the limits with my dad more then Sherron but he dealt with me without ever laying a hand on me....My mom spanked and yet I didn't fear her punishment, my dad took things away and yelled and that terrified me....LOL...go a kid I figured spank me and get it over with but please do put me on restriction....LOL....course restricting me was like a life sentence to my parents....hee hee hee. I wasn't an easy restrictee....Sherron was more mellow and still is, so I think life was easier for her (sher correct me if I'm wrong) you learned fast and I had to push the envelope ALWAYS....but regardless we always knew they both loved us and know matter what we knew they were there for us. They are and will forever be my heros.


Lydia said...

You gotta love your parents, even when you think you know it all! My dad was my mom and dad. He took one 2 rolls as one parent. Till this day I will always be greatful for all he has done!

Marci said...

What a beautiful tribute!

Amelia said...

That was beautiful. My mom is my hero (didn't have a father) but I haven't posted about it yet. Your post was definitely motivating.