Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm back....

This is my younger sister who on the day this picture was taken happened to turn Sherron we are getting up there in age, aren't seems like yesterday I was bossing you around....ok so maybe somethings will never change...hee hee hee.

On the top are pictures of Sherron with our mother and Steeler the dog and also a pic with my oldest son Josh. I love our family swim parties and the food and the swimming and just getting together.
As I sit here thinking of that day I will not, Repeat NOT say I am longing for summer because living in Las Vegas that would be absured to long for. especially since for the first time since March we have cooled down. But I do love swimming and so wish we had a pool. Thats whats great about family having a pool.

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Lydia said...

No way is your sister turning 40! She doesnt look 40!