Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I just had to show you one more thing

I LOVED this cute idea. Inside those cute little Frankies are those yummy huge Hershey bars. Is that the cutest idea EVER. I'm sure if you have kids and want to scale this down you can make it to fit the regular Hershey bars. I have a studly little 13 year old (LOL) that wants to make this for his girlfriend and I thought it would be a fun gift to give teachers but for friends or your kids class the regular bars would be perfect. Also if you are having a Halloween party wouldn't this be an adorable prize. The lady who came up with this idea has a blog with TONS of super cute ideas and I have the link just for you.

I want to make sure that Dawn (who made this cute Frankie) gets the credit. Please check out her blog, she has a great video of how she made it with measurements, if you are interested.


The products she used on this was:

Old Olive cardstock

Lovely Lilac

1 3/8 circle punch

arrow punch

1 inch circle punch

If you are interested in any of these products click on my Stampin Up book on the left and it will take you to my website where you can shop till your hearts content.

Thanks everyone



Jenn said...


Do you want to know how to link your words without having to put the whole html code? You just have to type the word you want linked, highlight it, then click on the world icon (it will say "insert link" when you hover over it with your mouse) in your posting toolbar. The screen pops up where you put the url for the page you are linking to, and then hit OK. If you are in the HTML screen, it will show up with all the goobledy gunk, but it you click on the compose screen you will see how it will look on your blog.

Lydia said...

Those are so cute!

Lydia said...

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Anonymous said...

i just absolutely love those. so incredibly cute!!!


Amelia said...

Oh so cute!