Thursday, October 16, 2008

I got a page done

I can't believe I actually sat and scrapped a page. Miracles never cease to happen over here...LOL.....For any of you that know me I am the worlds worst procrastinator and therefore put off scraping forever...and to top it off I used recent still my heart.
This is my little guy Mitchell, my title is so true to Mitch. He is his own guy and marches to the beat of his own drum. To be young and not worry what others think of us.....I'm sure I was there once upon a time. He got these cool glasses at school and he was very proud of them. He has many autistic attributes but there are other things he does that are so darn funny. I really need to start documenting these for him. The lady at Child Find that diagnosed him with autism said he did have an imagination and was monotone. She couldn't be more wrong. His imagination is HUGE just like his personality.


Lydia said...

FABULOUS LO! He looks so proud of them!

Jenn said...

He has grown up so much! I always picture him as a little boy.