Monday, August 30, 2010

S-O-P-H-O-M-O-R-E-S yes!

It's hard to believe my curly( his hair before hair cuts was so curly BUT for ROTC he has to have short hair) is in high school let alone a sophomore. He is posing with Jared in this picture (which means for Jareds post you will see 2 of these same pics) He is a ladies man this boy. He has more girls calling then I can keep up with. Today was exciting because it's the first day of school but Jeremy had an extra spring in his step cause he was going to meet up with Diana a girl he liked when he was in middle school and now they will be at the same school together. He can stop growing now too. He is getting so tall and as broad as some of his older brothers. I hope this year will be a fun one for him. He wants to join the bowling team and I can't wait. Hopefully he will do something in the spring too. Next year it will be football but this year he missed out. They all have their own sense of style and it cracks me up but one thing they both like is ICP (don't groan as loud as I did) I can't stand the group either but hey it's what in and they truly don't listen as much as they would like other to believe they outta the bag now huh...have a great day.

I forgot to add his shoes as he pointed out so the shoe pic is an add just for you Jeremy.


senora_x said...

Love the shoes! Hope he has a great year!

Nati Tristan said...

I like those shoes too! I like that teenagers express themselves.