Thursday, August 12, 2010

Target, great deals today!

Target was such a good shopping day. Let me tell you a secret, if there is a $1.00 off coupon on any item and there is no size restriction you can use that coupon to buy the travel size.

I got 15 travel tides for free. I had 15 $1.00 off coupons and I used all 15. I get 15 loads of laundry for FREE.

The Green Works detergent was $9.99

I used (1) $3.00 target coupon and (1) $3.00 manufacturer coupon.
I got a 90 oz detergent for $3.99, it smells good too!

I got another bag of Wonka candy $3.49
used (1) $1.00 target printable
used (1) $1.50 man coupon
I paid .99cents

2 Bagel Bites $2.49 each
I used (2) $1.00 Target printable
and (2) $1.00 mq's
I paid .98cents for 2

Also Target brand Advil was .97cent as opposed to actual Advil that was over $3.00

My total was $35.80
I saved $27.50
OOP was $8.30

I think I ticked off a few people behind me in line when I whipped out my 15 coupons for Tide among other coupons but hey with a savings of almost $30.00 they can get mad all they want and I walk out with lots of stuff for very little money.

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