Thursday, August 12, 2010

CVS...big time SCORE....

This may not be a big purchase but I saved BIG (this would be my first time, I think, just paying tax)

I had $6.00 in ECB's from the week before and I like to use them the next week in case I forget about them and they expire on me. It's free money ya know!!!

The Schick hydro razor was $8.97 w/ $4.00 back in ECB's
I used (1) $5.00 coupon ( I had just got it in the mail from

The Xtra laundry soap was on sale for $1.99 and everyone says how good it is and smells. It smells good that's for sure

My total before coupons $11.89
-$5.00 razor coupon
-$6.00 ECB's
I paid a grand total of .89cents

I walked out of CVS with the biggest smile on my face knowing I had finally paid tax only. Now I want

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