Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A little couponing I did this weekend

I am such an extremist in my personality, I have learned to embrace myself and live with it...LOL....can't say my hubby or the kids know how to deal with me but hey they will someday learn that you can't fight a Gemini and my addictions...lol. So onto this weeks addiction. I found a coupon site that I had to order from called Buy Grocery Coupons I got the package of 40 inserts, 10 P&G (love that one) 10 red plum #1, 10 red plum #2 and 10 Smart Source. Now you may think this sounds extreme but on all the couponing sites I go to they say you should buy 1 newspaper for everyone that lives in your house. Well at $3.00 a pop who could afford that, for 40 coupon inserts it only cost $16.00 and I have already used so many coupons from those inserts and saved more then what it cost to buy them....You can order in whatever quantities you like but for me the big package was what I needed to start building my stockpile.

I went to Target early on Saturday morning armed with my coupons and here is what I scored.

4 bags of Snyder (1 pounder) $2.59 per bag
used (4) $1.00 Target printables
used (4) $1.00 coupons from SS
paid- .59cents a bag

4 kid cuisine $1.75(on price cut)
used (4) $1.00 target printables
used (2) $1/2 coupon from All You magazine
Paid- $1.00 for all four

4 Chef Boyardee .99cents each
used (4) $1.00 Target printables

2 Wonka bars $2.29 & 1 Wonka bag of candy $2.59
used (4) $1.00 target printables
used $1.50 off one bag of Wonka candy
used (2) $1.00 Internet coupon
Wonka bagged candy I paid .09cents
Wonka bars I paid .29 cents each

4 Bic pen (7 count) .99 cents
used (2) $1/2
I paid $2.00 (not as good as I had heard but better then full price)

4 papermate pens 10 count .99cents
used (4) .50 cents target printable
Paid .49 a bag

4 Sobe Lifewaters $1.00
used (2) $1.00 target printable
used (2) BOGO Internet printable
4 FREE sobe's

I spent $8.46 on all of this and saved $34.16. Not to bad after taking a coupon of months off from couponing.

Have a great week and my next post will be something crafty.

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