Saturday, July 31, 2010

Don't pass out but I have a page to share and more convention photos

Talk about good times!!!! I did 21 pages at a weekend back in March but I am slow in getting them loaded...LOL...SO 1 down 20 more to go...ha ha ha. My pictures may be out of order bare with me. We stopped at a gas station in Filmore Utah and there was the most amazing rainbow, being a past Rainbow Girl I had to get a photo of the rainbow, then we have the three of us taking pictures with some of the cute props at convention, and the last thing was one of our lunches we were treated to a chocolate fountain bar. I have never had this before and I LOVED IT!!! You name it they had it for you to dip, I tried my first chocolate covered cinnamon gummy bear. My dear friend Mary Lynn loved it, me not so much. I have more pictures of some of the swaps I was in while at convention and soon I will load those up too. Bye for now
By the way, if it looks like I am skipping letters or something isn't making sense my computer keys are sticking and it has been a great source of aggravation. I have to go back and check every word...ugggg

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nena said...

Super cute and so wish I was in those pictures with you guys! Just know that we are taking lots at Regionals!!!!