Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Last post #3

I LOVE deals so here are a few for you that if you are just starting out this one isn't overwhelming.

Dawn dishsoap- On sale with card for .97 cents
2 for $1.94
1 coupon for $1.00 off ( Home Made Simple Booklet)
1 coupon for 50 cents off (P&G 5/2)
I paid .44 cents for two.

Rejuvenating shampoo/conditioner
bought 2 for $13.98
the sale is buy one get one free (bogo)
I paid $6.99 for two shampoos BUT one of the shampoos had a "try me" tag on it. If you fill out that tag and circle your purchase on the receipt they will send you (through rebate) back your $6.99. That means 2 bottles of shampoo FREE.

The tag was on alot of the bottles but I only took 1 bottle that had the tag on it. It isn't pictured because I took it off and filled it out and got it into the mail before it dawned on me to take a pic of it...LOL...CVS has a few different brands that have try me tags on them. You buy it send in the tag and receipt and you get your full cost back, Renpro (may not have the name right) is another one like that.

Rimmel make up has a mascara that has a "try me" tag on it. I didn't get it because I know I have a coupon which will make this a money maker for me. I will be back to get it tomorrow but even if you don't have a coupon you can still buy the mascara send in the info and get the total cost back. Sweet deal for make up. I swear I sometime feel like I need a 2nd on my house to buy make up...lol

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