Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voted Early!

So my oldest son can now vote and we went on Halloween to vote early. Why didn't I think to take my good camera!!!ugggg....Thank goodness my cellphone has a camera. So I snapped this pic of Josh just coming out of the voting poll. We are keeping our ballots and the "I voted" stickers and I will do a page with the results for him. Should be fun. Next time I will have more voting. I should have had my other 2 voting but by the time I thought about it it was to late to register them. Next time.... We are huge Obama supporters and can't wait to see if he blows the old goat out of the water...sorry a bit of my father just took over....LOL....anyway this is an exciting time for America, regardless of who wins. Some say scary, but I feel a much needed change...I guess we will know tonight if America will finally get the change needed to turn this country around or if it will be 4 more years of the same old S@#@....

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