Thursday, April 2, 2009

I could use a hand

I am seriously not that computer literate and never claimed to be, which brings me to my problem. I sell Stampin Up and I can't access my catologs or anything else. My computer keeps popping up wiht a error saying I need Adobe acrobat reader 8 or 9. I went onto Adobe and tried to find a download and thought I had downloaded it ok but I try to click on the new mini and view what's in the book and I still get this error.

Jennifer Welborn, I need your expert opinion here...LOL....HELP ME....Jenn has been a friend of mine for many years, then she up and left me and moved to Arkansas. She has always been very computer savvy as well as an amazing scrapbooker. Her oldest son and my son were really good friends. Anywho, Jennifer or anyone else who reads this blog who might have a site I can go to that is trusted and can help me out I would love it. I have a Red Ridinghood ink pad up for grabs if you can help me.

Red Ridinghood is one of Stampin Ups new In Color pads that is soon to be leaving our catolog. I have one that is brand spanking new and would love if someone can help me.

I would also like to know if the download is free or if I need to purchase it. Thanks in advance.

I know I'm a dork but after 2 hours of trying to download this reader I am now desperate.

Have a good one.


Maria said...

Hey Susan -

Try this link:

When you get to that page on the right hand side it says "next steps" and you can click on "get adobe reader".
Hope this helps (call me and I can try to help you out if you need me to) :)

Anonymous said...

I hope someone was able to help you. I am not computer literate either. My husband has to do everything for me. Good Luck!