Thursday, April 8, 2010


It's not that I haven' wanted to blog but I have kind of undertaken a new hobby that has become a new obsession, it's couponing! A friend of mine has been doing it for awhile and I used to think I couldn't be bothered but then I decided to get my feet wet and try out a few deals and as of today. I have a stockpile, FINALLY. I still scrapbook and in fact I have 21 pages I need to get uploaded but I haven't taken the time to do it. I am addicted to several sites. One of my favorites is Hip2save .
Collin from Hip2Save is just incredible about getting the best deals out to us and all the freebies you can think of. I have gotten a free 8x10 from Walgreens, to free rental codes for Redbox movies, to Crest White Strips as well as many others.

Here are some of the deals I have been able to get this week

2 cans of Lindsey black olives for .49 cents
1 box of Revlon Hair color for .99 cents
3 Pilot pens .57 cents for all 3 and I made $3.93 by sending in the rebate

KMART (double coupon week)
3 Soft Scrubs for .99 cents each
3 bags of Halls for Free
1 Nivea men body wash .49 cents
1 3pk of Dial hand soap .29cents
2 Endust .32 cents each
4 Right Guard deodorant FREE (my sons took 3 of them)
2 Degree for men deodorant .25 cents each ( NOT PICTURED because a different son took
Herbal Essence shampoo $1.39
2 Aussie 33 oz for $8.00
2 Head and Shoulders $2.50 for both
I submitted a form to P&G for a $10.00 gift card when you spend $25.00 on P&G products (Head and Shoulders, Aussie, and Herbal Essence)
1 Bic Soliel razor $1.49

4 boxes of Cheerios $1.00 a box
4 bags of Lays chips FREE
2 Healthy Harvest pastas FREE
4 bags of Albertsons brand cheese $1.69 per bag
6 cans of Dole .72 cent a can
Chicken breast for .99cents per lb (not pictured)

1st transaction
3 pks of soda $11.00 used a $3.00 ECB so it made them 3 for $8.00 got back $3.00 more ECB's

2nd transaction
1 Pantene shampoo for $2.99 got $2.00 ECB used my $3.00 ECB from soda spent out of pocket .12 cents

3rd transaction
1 roll of CVS tp $1.15 (scanned my ECB card and got $1 off any paper product) so tp cost .15 cents
1 CVS scrub $2.50 (2nd coupon that came out was $1 off any CVS skin care product) paid $1.50
Dawn dish soap .96 cents (forgot my
I used my $2.00 ECB from the shampoo and only paid the tax for this trasnaction

Total spent at CVS was what I spent on the sodas which was $8.00

Then when I got home I pulled up and my mailbox was LOADED with all those little freebies. Dog food, cat food, Tide, Head and Shoulders, Bounce, Lever 2000 soap, and a whole bunch of great high value coupons. How fun was this day!!!

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