Wednesday, April 21, 2010

No pages or food deals today but I do have something else

Just call me the deal seek fanatic lately. I love so many of the site that I thought I would share some of them with all of you. They are not listed in order of my favorites but just as I think of them. -she has some really good recipes too

There are still more sites but these are some I look at most in a day. They are pretty much the same in some areas but there is still alot to take in from each site.

Passion for savings has a run down on Wal Mart deals so I am off to see what new things I can score. My hubby and I and 2 of our sons shopped yesterday and my trunk was FULL (we couldn't see out the back window LOL) I spent less then $90.00 and I have cereal, pop tarts and dinners for the week as well as lunch stuff. I so wish we had a store that double coupons ALL the time in the Las Vegas area (not every 3 months or so).

With times being so hard right now this couponing hobby I have started doing is a huge help. I hope you and your families can score some great deals too.


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