Thursday, November 18, 2010

I have some pages to share

I actaully made these way back in March but I never had page closure. Either I was missing a pic because I was to lazy to print it(oops I mean my printer was out of ink...yea that's it) or I just needed some quiet to think of journaling and in a house with 10 people, quiet isn't something you can come by easily. So I know none of these pages are Stampin Up, they are pages I had either done at a class and needed to add pics to or stuff from my huge stash. It is so fun to go through pages that need pictures or use up older papers and stickers, it makes it seem like buying it or creating it wasn't a waste of money or space.

If you click on the pages it should bring them up a little larger. I miss my old scanner, in that it scanned perfectly and my new one makes better quality photos but the scan doesn't work as well. So pardon the pages not being as clear as they used to but I am now taking pics of them and I just don't like it as well. I guess I can't have it all

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving

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