Saturday, August 8, 2009

My hubby's job

This is what my husband has been working on for the last 2 years. I knew it was high (obviously) but I guess I never really guessed at the enormity of this bridge. We went last week to a closure party. They celbrated getting the last piece of that bad boy done. That little box thing in the middle of the bridge is where ther men are all still working. After the party he took us all out to see it and it is truly an amzing thing to see. The Hoover Dam is an amazingly awesome site but add this fly over bridge and all you can do is say WOW. I was never afraid of what my hubby does until I saw this and now I say a prayer each day he leaves. I now don't complain when he asks what are you makin me for breakfast or when he leaves his laundry upstairs intsead of bringing it down for me. He talks about being harnessed and hanging 900 ft in the air but I don't think I really absorded this until I saw it. I will never again roll my eyes or mumble under my breath that he could make is own darn breakfast. I need to be thankful he comes home everyday in one piece and that I get to stay home and raise our kids. I appreciate what this man does to support his family and the other men and women that share this same job as Ub (my hubby's nickname).
If you click on the picture you can see it really good. One last thing, I don't believe I will ever cross this bridge those cables have to go so I ask "what will hold up that arch and the highway once those cables are gone" the answer NOTHING!!!! Nope never riding over that bridge.


Lydia Siegel said...

Sue, just looking at the photo scares me! I'll be sure to say prayers for your dh as well.

Nikki said...

Hey there, I just clicked on your link from the "Understand Blue" page. I gotta tell you, whoever told you to lose the music, tsk tsk! There's nothing better than getting to bop along to Modern English!

When I have more time and it's not past mine and my 6 year old's bedtime I'm definitely going to browse back through your pics. I loved the card and layout you had on the front page!

Lydia Siegel said...

Hey sweetheart! I was wondering, if I order something from stampin' up and want you to have the credit do I need a number or something to put somewhere to you can get the credit?