Sunday, October 31, 2010

Demolay Halloween Ball

Oasis Chapter of Demolay put on this amazing dance last night. The decorations are just wonderfully spooky and I love their graveyard. Everyone had a tombstone including Ub. I will have to upload the tombstones later. Mitch will be 12 on Wed the 3rd and can join Demolay so this was his second function and he had a ball. Josh ran the lights and had wired up the sound for them as well as danced with the girls in hopes of getting the other boys to ask girls to dance (which they did not...uggg) Jared at the end scared everyone out of the ballroom with a chainsaw skit with a real chainsaw. Talk about clearing out a room he even scared Mitch to was a priceless moment and I think all that attended had a great time. I took lots of pics but only put a few up to show off what a good job they did.

Happy Scary Halloween!

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