Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year everyone

Hi everyone

I hope you all had a great holiday season. We had less stress this year which is weird because we had way less money. Hubby is moving up on the list at the union and should finally go back out to work this month (keep your fingers crossed for us). It's been a long road but somehow we have survived, we also learned the importance of what a savings would have done for us this past 5 months since he has been out of work. The kids had a great Christmas still and I learned to look at those sell papers on Sunday and not pay full price for any of what I bought. Imagine that, not paying full price AND I wasn't out on the 24th shopping like a mad women...LOL

I hope your New Years was a safe and fun one. Did you make any resolutions? I know I did and this year I hope to keep most of them. Last year I made realistic goals but to many this year I scaled it down a bit.


1. Use up some of my stash at least once a month. Drag out all those bags of purchases I have made over the years and use it and STOP the hoarding...LOL
3. organize my stash ( 30 minutes a week on this project)
4. do at least 1 page and 1 card weekly
5. get my kids recipe books going again


1. start a Christmas Club at my moms bank for next year (I never knew they had this. You add money to it and you can't touch it until November...LOVE IT)
2. pay my bills on time and stop paying late fees.
3. get my business running to help contribute to the household. ( I need to take my Stampin Up business more seriously and not so much as a hobby or a source to get cardstock


1. lose 5 pounds, and when that 5 pounds is gone set my goal for another 5 pounds
2. get moving

I think these resolutions are all doable and now I just need to get to them. Take care everyone and the next post I have will be a page or a card.



Sue's Sister said...

I think our christmas was GREAT!! Ant what about my recipe book???!!! I truly love it even though it's not done yet. Thanks for a great holiday, love ya sis. S

Sue's Sister said...

P.S. I can't spell either but you already knew that. LOL

SnapWhiz said...

I love your resolutions, they sound a lot like my life right now!! Best wishes to your New Year and keeping your resolutions!

I'm currently working on a stash item as we speak!!