Saturday, July 11, 2009

Here are some for Mitchells book

I can't believe I have actually scrapbooked like this. This is so not like me to complete a page, with journaling. The page may get done but the journaling could take me a year or more. No LIE!!!! Another stamp club page. My friend Mary Lynn has been selling Stampin Up for years where I have only been doing it seriously this past year. She has had her club going strong for about 3 years, maybe more (MARY LYNN correct me if I'm wrong) anywho, I collect all of her use them like normal people but COLLECT them. Not any more, I am now using them up and my books are looking fuller. It's amazing.

Living in Las Vegas has some serious draw backs, ok maybe one MAJOOOOOR draw back and that is our heat...I HATE IT!!! I am a recluse the minute June hits and it turn 100 anything outside. This was a fun year though because we used our tax money and bought a pool. we had so much fun in this pool but we had to threaten Mitch and Zachary to get out of the pool. If they could have they would have stayed in there morning noon and night.

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