Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thank you Lydia

My good friend Lydia just gave me a blog award and I am so grateful she is one of my closet online buddies from We have never met but have been friends since joining a challenge together and commenting on each others pages. I would join her challenges (not that I ever scrapped anything...LOL) and she would join mine. She is a sweetheart and I wish she lived closer to Las Vegas so I could scrap with her. I am to nominate 5 blogging friends.

1. Mary Lynn- MLsbabies

2. Maria-Maria, if I knew your blog address I would link it here but I can't ever find your address :-(

3. Jennifer-Jenns Junque

4. Estee- One Ginormous Adventure

5. Kim-Kim's country


Lydia Siegel said...

Aww, you are too sweet! And of course I will make sure I stop in to see you whenever we head that way to cali. Hopefully it can be later this year. HUGS MY FRIEND!

Maria said...

Thanks Susan!

My card blog is:

Love the picture of the bridge too (and you will have to cross it with me someday...........)