Saturday, July 11, 2009

Here's a page for Josh too

This is such a typical thing for Josh. He will climb all over Steven like he is his personal jungle gym. Sometimes Steven won't even know Josh's is coming and before he knows it Josh is on his back. Sometimes this is ok with Steven (most of the time it's ok) and sometimes I'm sure Steven would like to drop him on his butt...LOL....Either way they end up horsing around and having a good time. Josh, in these pictures, now has blonde hair. we never know week to week what he will look like next and I wish I could say at age 20 he is finally outgrowing this stage but I cannot. He is now once again sporting a new mohawk. If I wasn't so ticked I would take a new pic of it but mom here is less then happy with adult son...LOL...he is a free spirit and I have never tried to clip his wings but some of his styles just kill me. Love him to death and he has never caused me much grief, thankfully!!!

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